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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Phyllis J. Fried

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March 20, 19% .‘ , . \ WI c . * Hiss PhylUr Fried 96 Avenue C \ Hew York 9, New Pork Dear aaiss Fried: I have your letter of the Mth and aia glad to neloofw ym into r,'ur laboratom group. .; Tour stipend, whloh should be #95C. for the aaademlo year will be paid in ten equal mcatAl.y instalments beginnin# early in October. Students here usually find it advisable to hevo between two and three hundred dollars OR hand in order to meet tuition and UvLng expelrses before the firrt paym8nt. In cases of need however, it ir usually possible to arrange short loan loan8 on 8hOrt notice;- t,* It will be by no means neoeraary for you to a&6&%9 your graduate work at this time and f would r~umtmnd rather that you conoentrate on the advanued uour8e work in bauterial ~hyalology, that I belie6e you mentioned earlier. However, ii you find your8alf with an unusual amount of free time available you might en$oy conduating some uroaaing exp&.ments with baotsrla. I an sending you, under separate aovor, two atraina whioh will be suitable for thLs purpose. 58461 i8 a mutant of E;" Co11 which requires'. the growth faators biot.ln and nethlonlrm. pe-lln is another idiitdid, rquiring throonim, leuoine, and thlamin. It also carries a number of other useful grnetic‘markers i.mludi.ngr inability to ferntent lactose, maltoee, galaotoae, xylose, mnnltol; resistance to streptmyoin and to the bsoterio- phase T'==I I am also asndlnq you a rathsr conqiLete set of publications dealing with the background of our ourrent work in baaterial genetias. I rsoo,mend that you undertake to begin to read the literature in this field as soon as pO88iblO and for this purpose the review artiolee may be helpful. The other papers contain, I bellevs, an adequate description of the teOhnique8 that you will be likely to use fn your OrO88iIQJ ex: porimnts aa well as in your later work hare. The otiturea tint you will reasive oan be made frsdy available to anyone that can make Intelli

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