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The nucleotide sequences of two tRNAAsn genes from tobacco chloroplasts.

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Recombinant plasmids which contain EcoRI fragments of tobacco chloroplast DNA carrying tRNA genes were constructed. Plasmids pTC211 and pTC293 contain the base sequences for tRNAAsn in their 1.4 and 1.1 Md EcoRI fragments, respectively. These two tRNA sequences are identical and are; 5'-TCCTCAGTAGCTCAGTGGTAGAGCGGTCGGCTGTTAACCGATTGGTCGTAGGTTCGAATCCTACTTGGGGAG-3'. Each tRNAAsn gene is located at about 0.9 kb apart from the distal end of each 5S rRNA gene and is coded for by the DNA strand opposite from that of the rRNA genes.

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