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Electrochemical NO<sub>x</sub> reduction on an LSM/CGO symmetric cell modified by NO<sub>x</sub> adsorbents

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  • <P>This Study Investigated The Effect Of Modifying A (La<Sub>0
  • 85</Sub>Sr<Sub>0
  • 15</Sub>)<Sub>0
  • 99</Sub>Mno<Sub>3</Sub> (Lsm)/Ce<Sub>0
  • 9</Sub>Gd<Sub>0
  • 1</Sub>O<Sub>1
  • 95</Sub> (Cgo) Symmetric Cell By No<Sub>X</Sub> Adsorbents On The Electrochemical Reduction Of No<Su
  • The Modification Was Based On A Full Ceramic Cell Structure Without Any Noble Metals
  • Three Cells Were Prepared And Tested: A Blank Cell
  • A Cell Impregnated With Bao
  • And A Cell Coated With A Bao/Pt/Al<Sub>2</Sub>O<Sub>3</Sub> Layer
  • The Electrochemical Reduction Of No<Sub>X</Sub> On The Three Cells Was Studied By Conversion Measure
  • Degradation Testing
  • And Microstructure Characterization
  • The Modification
  • Either By Impregnating The Bao Into The Electrode Or By Coating The Ba/Pt/Al<Sub>2</Sub>O<Sub>3</Sub
  • Significantly Increased The Activity And Selectivity Of The No<Sub>X</Sub> Reduction On The Lsm/Cgo
  • The Cell With The Bao/Pt/Al<Sub>2</Sub>O<Sub>3</Sub> Layer Exhibited A Preferable Performance At Low
  • 5 To 2 V) Due To The No Oxidation Ability Of The Pt Catalyst
  • Although Its Performance Was Relatively Poor At Elevated Temperatures And Voltages Due To The Impeda
  • For Lowering The Operation Temperature And Minimizing The Power Consumption
  • Adding An Adsorption Layer Was Shown To Be The Optimum Approach For Modifying The Electrochemical Ce
  • The Square Wave (Sv) Polarization Can Balance The Trapping And Reduction Rates Of No<Sub>X</Sub> Spe
  • </P>
  • Chemistry


Electrochemical NOx reduction on an LSM/CGO symmetric cell modified by NOx adsorbents - DTU Orbit (25/04/14) Shao, Jing; Kammer Hansen, Kent / Electrochemical NOx reduction on an LSM/CGO symmetric cell modified by NOx adsorbents. In: Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Vol. 1, 2013, p. 7137-7146. Publication: Research - peer-review › Journal article – Annual report year: 2013

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