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A one-dimensional color order system for dental shade guides

Dental Materials
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DOI: 10.1016/0109-5641(89)90102-4


Abstract The purpose of this study was to re-arrange the master Bioform shade guide into a long-range one-dimensional color system based upon color difference. Although most shade guides may show local order when arranged according to hue, long-range order has not been established. However, shade guide arrangement according to a logical color order would be an advantage to the user. The first step in determining the color order was to measure the color of the shade guide teeth. A methodology was developed for measuring the color by use of a reflectance spectrophotometer. The precision of measurement was determined to be equal to CIE L ∗a ∗b ∗ ΔE of 0.5. Spectra were obtained and converted into CIE L ∗a ∗b ∗ and Munsell notation. The measured colors of the Bioform shades ranged from a Munsell hue of 0.9 Y to 3.5 Y; a value of 6.6 to 7.8; and a chroma of 1.9 to 4.1. The teeth were then arranged visually from light to dark. The correlation coefficient between the visual ranking and color difference was 0.95. There was an inverse correlation between visual ranking and Munsell value, with a correlation coefficient of 0.90. Therefore, the sequence according to color difference provided the better agreement with visual perception.

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