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method for the intelligent authoring of 3D animations for training and maintenance

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A method for the intelligent authoring A Method for the intelligent Authoring of 3D Animations for Training and Maintenance zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades eines DOKTORS DER INGENIEURWISSENSCHAFTEN (Dr.-Ing.) der Fakultät für Maschinenbau der Universität Paderborn genehmigte DISSERTATION von Dott. Salvatore Parisi aus Trapani, Italien Tag des Kolloquiums: 06. März 2008 Referent: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Gausemeier Koreferent: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer Preface Virtual Reality (VR) combines all technological elements for building immate- rial three-dimensional worlds, enabling the user to perceive these worlds through visualization, immersion, and interaction. In industry, complete digital product representations (digital mock-ups) are used for VR-based analysis, that even allow to simulate the functional behavior of a product for virtual prototyp- ing purposes. In training and maintenance, VR-based applications increasingly use 3D com- puter animations to demonstrate and explain complex technical products. How- ever, authoring the 3D animations is a "on-demand" process that depends on highly customer-specific requirements. In addition, the 3D animations are cre- ated from paper-based training and instruction manuals that provide mostly non-formal information written in natural language. From this, semantical problems between the 3D modeler authoring the 3D an- imations and the customer requiring exact information arise. Reasons for such semantical problems are domain-specific terminologies the 3D modeller does not master, ambiguous translations from natural language into corresponding elements of a

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