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Notes and News

International Union of Crystallography


Notes and News 94 SHORT COMMUNICAT IONS Th2Zn This compound is isomorphous with Th2Cu (see above). with tetragonal lattice constants: a ---- 7.60, c = 5"64 /~, Again, calculated and observed intensities confirm the Type C16 structure, with an ideal parameter of ~. (Intensities were also calculated for x ---- 0-159 with no improvement.) Nowotny (1946) has examined the zinc-rich side of the system, reporting crystallographic data for ThZn 9, and he has discovered another compound richer in thorium, but presumably not Th2Zn. ThHgs At approximately the composition ThI-Ig a a hexagonal phase, a ---- 3-38, c : 4.72/~, occurs with z ---- ½. Intensi ty data are compatible with a disordered hexagonal closest- packed structure, but probably do not exclude ordering. The lattice constants vary somewhat from sample to sample and presumably the composition is variable over a range, but the solubility l imits have not been estab- lished. The compound resembles UHg a (Rundle & Wilson, 1949). References GRUBE, G. ~ BOTZENHA~DT, L. (1942). Z. Elektrochem. 48, 418. NOWOT~, H. (1946). Z. Metallk. 37, 31. RAUB, E. & ENGET., M. (1943). Z. Elektrochem. 49, 487. RU~)LE, R .E . & WILSON, A. J . C. (1949). Acta Cryst. 2, 148. Notes and News Announcements and other items of crystallographic interest will be published under this heading at the discretion of the Editorial Board. Copy should be sent direct to the British Co-editor (R. C. Evans, Crystallographic Laboratory, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, England). Ac ta Crys ta l lograph ica" important notice Iu order to reduce the pressure of work on the Edit- orial Board, the Commission on Acta Crystallographica has co-opted two additional members. As from 1 January 1956, Prof. E. W. HUGHES (Gates and Crellin Laborato- ries, California Inst i tute of Technology, Pasadena, Call- fornia, U.S.A.) will act as an additional American Co- editor and Prof. H. LIPSON (Physics Department, College of Technol

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