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On the Early Editions of the Evangelistarium and the De institutione by Marko Marulić

Split Literary Circle - Marulianum, centre for Studies on Marko Marulić and his Humanist Circle
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Hitherto it was believed that the first edition of the Evangelistarium of M. Marulić goes down to 1516. Yet, in the Codex Vaticanus Latinus 11273, p. 297v, in the library catalogue of the monastery of the Lateran Canons, S. Andrea de Vernazeli, the author found information on another edition of the same work, dated 1487 and printed in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia: Marcus Marulus Spalatensis, Evangelistarium, Rhegij per Albertum de Mazalibus 1487. However, according to the Cod. Vat. Lat. 11278, 11280 (p. 107) the same book was printed again, in 1500, in Venice, in the printing-works of Jacobus or Jacobinus Pentiis de Leuco. The same source (Cod. Vat. Lat. 11309, p. 24v) records a Pisan edition of the Evangelistarium, of 1515, printed by Iheronimus Soccino. If we add these newly found editions of the book to the already known ones (Venetiis 1516, Basileae 1519, Coloniae 1521), we come to the conclusion that during Marulić‚s lifetime Evangelistarium was printed six times. Unfortunately, not even one copy of the 1487, 1500 and 1515 editions has been found so far. It was maintained that the Venetian edition of 1506 was editio princeps of Marulić‚s De institutione bene vivendi per exempla sanctorum. Yet, according to the already men-tioned Cod. Vat. Lat (n. 11281, p. 277v) the book inventory of the Franciscan observant Fra Mariano da Cortona, produced for the year 1600, mentions a work cited as: Marci Maruli opus de religione vivendi in citatione per exempla ex veteri novoque testamento collecta. Impressum Venetiis per Jacobinum Pentiis de Leucho in ottavo 1498. The au-thor informs us that the second edition of the same work appeared during 1499. In 1600 a copy of this edition was in the library of the prior of the Carmelite monastery in Venice, Giorgio Canalis (Cod. Vat. Lat. 11272, p. 425: Marcus Maurus Spalatensis de institutione bene vivendi exempla sanctorum, 1499. Venetiis apud Franciscum de Consortibus). Maurus, instead of Marulus, is an obvious error, as the attribute Spalatensis confirms. A copy of the 1508 Mantuan edition of the same book was kept in the Benedictine monastery in Mantua, cited as: Marco Marulus De inst(itutione) bene vi(vendi) per Franciscum Lucen. 1508 (Cod. Vat. Lat. 11320, p. 52v). Only a year after the mentioned Venetian edition of 1509, another edition (1510) came out in the same town: Marcus Marulus Spalatensis de institutione bene vivendi per exempla sanctorum, Venetiis per Laurentium de Rosis Tervisinum 1510 (Cod. Vat. Lat. 11292, p. 212v). If to these recently discovered editions we add the already known ones (Basileae 1513 and 1518, Venetiis 1521), we come to the number of ten editions of the De institutione printed in Marulić‚s lifetime. In the end the author draws our attention to the fact that an early manuscript of the epic Davidias (the poem was long retained lost and was rediscovered only in the third decade of this century), was mentioned in 1586, in the catalogue of the Franciscan conventual Fra Pietro Tossiniano (Analecta Franciscana, Vol. XI, Florentiae, 1970, p. 168).

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