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Information Systems in Management Science

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The following letter from Drs. Bench and Ginsburg is of great interest to me because it relates details about what a management science group is doing, rather than discussing theory. It specifically dwells on the data processing aspects of the management science role. Although many other groups in government and industry face the same problems as do the authors, not one article published during 1966 in Management Science, Series B, was primarily concerned with the application of computers to operations. Furthermore, not one article mentioned the problems involved in using information generated on computers as part of the models it described. I hope that this letter will help stimulate our contributors to more discussion of the use of computers and information systems. --"Letter to the Editor" by Nachman Bench, Consultant and Acting Deputy City Administrator, Office of Administration, The City of New York, Baruch School of Business City University and Sigmund G. Ginsburg, Senior Management Consultant and Special Assistant to the Deputy Mayor, Office of Administration, The City of New York, Baruch School of Business, City University --Comment by Harry Stern, Maxwell House Division, NG-3, General Foods Corporation, 250 North Street, White Plains, New York 10602

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