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An Organizational-Economic Experiment in the Sphere of Science and Technology

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Organizational-economic experiments at various levels in the sphere of development of science and technology indicate the great potential for using this form of testing new managerial ideas. In particular, the new system of planning, financing, and economic stimulation of new technology, the introduction of which was begun in 1969 in the electrotechnical industry, created great economic motivation for organizations to raise their scientific and technical level and the economic effectiveness of their research and development. Like a number of branches of material production, this system envisages the formation of three economic incentive funds in scientific organizations: the material incentive fund, the fund for sociocultural measures and housing construction, and the organizational development fund. The guaranteed economic effect of the introduction of the results of R&D and the scientific and technical level of these results are the basic fund-forming indicators. The degree of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the USSR Council of Ministers "On Improving the Planning and the Intensification of the Effect of the Economic Mechanism on Increasing the Effectiveness of Production and Improving the Quality of Work" makes provision for the formation of the three indicated economic incentive funds in scientific research, project-planning and design, and technological organizations in all branches of industry. Consequently, the economic stimulation of scientific organizations is based on the principle that they realize part of the economic effect (profit) the creation of which they have promoted.

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