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Uruguay Round implementing legislation. COM (94) 414 final, 5 October 1994

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I ) ' COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES It COM(94) 414 f1nal .. u·, l(i 1~94 URUGUAY ROUND IMPLEMENTING LEGISLATION (presented by the C~ission> _94/ 0225(ACC) 94/ 0226(ACC) .94/ 0227(ACC) 94/ 0228(CNS) 94/ 0229(C00) 94/ 0230(ACC) 94/ 0231 (ACC) 94/ 0232(ACC) 94/ 0233(ACC) 94/ 0234(CNS) collsvs Text Box User Rectangle User Text Box Brussels, 5 October 1994 User Rectangle -.. , . 3~~~ /f~l,. ''3'11· tfjJ,~ ·~ Part·l. Central Implementation Act ~[&0. cc;-rJ·. ~l~r collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM I Political aspects 1. Background- The European Community is one of the participating parties in the negotiations making up the eighth round of multilateral trade negotiations held under the auspices of the General Agreement pn Tariffs and Trade (GATT). The Uruguay Round negotiations, as· they were known, were concluded by the Trade Negotiations Committee in Geneva on 15 December 1993. The Final Act embodying the results of the Uruguay Round multilateral trade negotiations (hereinafter the Final Act) was formally signed on behalf of the Community by the President of the Council, Mr Pangalos, and Sir Leon Brittan, Member of the Commission, iri Marrakesh on 15 April. The Commission has officially presented the Council with a proposal for a decision on the conclusion of the results of the Uruguay Round Trade Negotiations.• The Co~cil has yet to act on this point. Like its principal trading partners, the CommUnity gave its official approval for the establishment of the World. Trade Organization and the oth~r results of the Uruguay Round to take effect at multilateral level at the earliest possible opportunity, i.e. 1 January 1995. An implementation· conference will be held in Geneva early in December to this end. The Commission is convinced that any further delay in fulfilling its international obligations would be severely prejudicial to the Comm~ty' s international prestige and

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