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Datasets of in vitro clonogenic assays showing low dose hyper-radiosensitivity and induced radioresistance.

  • Polgár, Szabolcs
  • Schofield, Paul N
  • Madas, Balázs G
Publication Date
Sep 08, 2022
Apollo - University of Cambridge Repository
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Low dose hyper-radiosensitivity and induced radioresistance are primarily observed in surviving fractions of cell populations exposed to ionizing radiation, plotted as the function of absorbed dose. Several biophysical models have been developed to quantitatively describe these phenomena. However, there is a lack of raw, openly available experimental data to support the development and validation of quantitative models. The aim of this study was to set up a database of experimental data from the public literature. Using Google Scholar search, 46 publications with 101 datasets on the dose-dependence of surviving fractions, with clear evidence of low dose hyper-radiosensitivity, were identified. Surviving fractions, their uncertainties, and the corresponding absorbed doses were digitized from graphs of the publications. The characteristics of the cell line and the irradiation were also recorded, along with the parameters of the linear-quadratic model and/or the induced repair model if they were provided. The database is available in STOREDB, and can be used for meta-analysis, for comparison with new experiments, and for development and validation of biophysical models.

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