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Data toolbox for fisheries : the case of tuna fisheries

  • Taconet, Paul
  • Chassot, Emmanuel
  • Guitton, J.
  • Fiorellato, F.
  • Anello, E.
  • Barde, Julien
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Jan 01, 2016
Horizon / Pleins textes
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Assessing the status of tuna and tuna-like populations for providing management advice requires the analysis of multiple data sets collected by the contracting parties and cooperating non-contracting parties of Tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (tRFMOs) Conventions. Data on the magnitude and composition of landings, discards, and sh- ing eort are currently managed at basin scale by the Secretariats of the tRFMOs. Consequently, data formats and reference codes have evolved rather independently despite some links with the FAO Coordinating Work- ing Party on Fishery Statistics. We have developed a global harmonized database for tuna sheries data by collating the public domain datasets (total catch, monthly-spatially aggregated catch and eort, and catch at size) from IOTC, ICCAT, IATTC and WCPFC. The database currently covers the period 1919-2014 and is freely accessible online along with a set of open source codes to handle the data, i.e. transform the data formats, load the standardized data into the database, extract data and compute a suite of indicators (e.g. global maps of catch). The database along with the codes represent the "toolbox".In a previous note ([Taconet et al.]), we have described the general method- ological approach used for the collation and formatting of the data, as well as the bene ts of using standardized data formats and code lists for scien- ti c research and sheries management. In this note, we present the codes available in the toolbox, the services that they oer and how users can access them through various applications. We argue that these methods are likely to bring visibility to the tuna RFMOs public domain datasets, as well as to facilitate their use. Overall, we showcase how the variety of available services and applications enables to reach dierent communities of users that might be interested in accessing tuna fisheries data for various uses and purposes.

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