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Damage of the cyclone "Sidr" in Bangladesh in November, 2007

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  • サイクロン
  • シドル
  • バングラデシュ
  • ベンガル湾
  • サイクロンシェルター
  • Cyclone
  • Bangladesh
  • The Bay Of Bengal
  • Sidr
  • Cyclone Shelter
  • 519.9
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Bangladesh was seriously damaged by the cyclone ""Sidr"" in the middle of November, 2007, which is one of the severest cyclones in the last two decades years. The total number of died and missed persons was more than four thousands, and the damaged persons about nine million. The minimum pressure of 944hPa of the cyclone and the peak gust of 69ms-1 were observed at the time of landing on the coast of Bangladesh. The height of the storm surge and the high wave were more than 5 to 6m above the sea level and the peak water level was higher than the altitude of the embankment. The most of the houses were destroyed completely near the coast of the Bay of Bengal and the river.

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