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Research programme (1983-1987) forecasting and assessment in science and technology (FAST). COM (82) 855 final, 23 December 1982 and COM (82) 855 final/2, 14 January 1983

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(82) 855 final Brussels, 23'd December 1982 RESEARCH PROGRAMME (1983 - 1987) FORECASTING AND ASSESSMENT IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (FAsr) (Communication from the Commission to the Council) CoM(82) 855 final collsvs Text Box i'lt) -L- sr4usHEftT Or o.BJECTS rfthe Conoission shall eac,eBs the reeultof tbe progranae atd report to the Council and to thc European parlianent at thc endof the fourth Jrearr. (Art. 4 of the Council declaion of,2J ,July 1928 conceraing a progranne of reaearch on forecaetiag aad asseesaeatin science aad tecbaology) 1- Thc FAsl rnstruneat : FIITURES BESEARCE rN TEE sERvrcE orCOII{HIINITI B & D SINATEGI. Thc increaeing rolc of scicnce and technorogy in natioaaldevelopoent aad ia interaational econonic reratioas denaad,aa najor aad continuing joint connunity effort in R&D. Thi.emust be eelectively directed : a choice of uediun and lougtero objectivee being nade ylthin the franeuork of acoonunity R&D atrategy, incruding the definition of thereaourcea aece66ary for ite inplementatioa. such vaa the basic reasoaing rhich red the conqunity in rgzgto inplenent and teet an riastruaentfr for serectiag the broaddirections of Connunity R & D policy. The maia function of the experineatar FAST progranne hasto qrch and aseessment been a " qoot ro" tur a"rioitioo of loos-tqmgbieclives, thuo "oo coherentrong-tern ecieace and technology poricy at connuaity lever. Ae etipulated in the Annex to the decieion of councir, of25 July r9?8, the FAST prograrooe hae sought to furfil thiarole through t a/ tne analysia of cxietiag researcb activities in forecastingand aeseesnent vithin the connuaity and ersevhere, rith aviev to their iatereat for thc deveropmeat of the coonuaityra ecieace and techaology policy; brl highrighting the proepecta, problems and potential confrictsvhich night affect the rong-tern deveropnent of the connunity, and hence proposing arternative directione for R & D actions at Cooounity leve1 related te

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