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Unsteady numerical simulation of double diffusive convection heat transfer in a pulsating horizontal heating annulus

Heat and Mass Transfer
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A numerical study is conducted on time-dependent double-diffusive natural convection heat transfer in a horizontal annulus. The inner cylinder is heated with sinusoidally-varying temperature while the outer cylinder is maintained at a cold constant temperature. The numerical procedure used in the present work is based on the Galerkin weighted residual method of finite-element formulation by incorporating a non-uniform mesh size. Comparisons with previous studies are performed and the results show excellent agreement. In addition, the effects of pertinent dimensionless parameters such as the thermal Rayleigh number, Buoyancy ratio, Lewis number, and the amplitude of the thermal forcing on the flow and heat transfer characteristics are considered in the present study. Furthermore, the amplitude and frequency of the heated inner cylinder is found to cause significant augmentation in heat transfer rate. The predictions of the temporal variation of Nusselt and Sherwood numbers are obtained and discussed.

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