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Continuing Professional Development-Chapter 2

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-012088411-7/50043-9
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Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the continuing development of one's profession. Career is a journey with many twists and turns, as is illustrated by responding to advances in the field, making new choices that are consistent with changing priorities and goals, and pursuing emerging opportunities for professional and personal development. Learning does not end with completing doctorate or postdoctoral fellowship. It continues throughout one's life. By developing the attitude of a lifelong learner, and acquiring new skills and knowledge as responsibilities and interests dictate, a person is better equipped to recognize, seize, and even create opportunities that will lead to a greater fulfillment and success. The benefits of training program have also been assessed along with continuing professional development strategies. Many women scientists have successfully used this strategy in their careers, and gained useful insights for those who would come after them. Though their specific choices of learning opportunities differ, the results are the same. Most agree that continuing professional development is not enough; they also attribute some of their success to the advice and support they received from other women within the system and beyond. The chapter concludes with stories of the professional choices made by leading women scientists, illustrating that technical and scientific competence alone are insufficient to become successful. It takes mental toughness, superior communication and interpersonal skills, and access to networking and mentoring to succeed in the typical male-dominated scientific and engineering environments.

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