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Industry and Society 22/75, June 1975. X/290/75-E

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  • Agricultural Science


WEEK[Y .J W' Consuners and the common agricultural policy(p. 1) The facts about the rnultinationals (p. Taxation in the Connturity (p. 2) Unernploynent a^nd the yorurg (p. 2) Drinking nater (p. 2) Consuner policy (p. 3) Unemploynent and. women (p. 3) Aerosol dispensers (p. 4) Pharrnaceutical prod.ucts (p. 4) Cooperation with trade unions (p. 4) Living and. working cond.itions (p. 5) Road. transport (p. 5) E\rro Coop (p. 5) ,l , ,,. E\rropean Office for the;;,hrU;,roryn.ent (p. Nuclear electronics (p.i.6) , , j..:: '.: REPRODUCTIOTII AUTHORIZED * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 2) UBRAny ;r::;;;r 3June re.' the COMMON AGRICULT{RAL POLICY. Community are considerably higher ** Consuners are only too fea..${,.to Foint an accusing finger at They claim that it costs ,'too much, that food prices in the tha.n on the world. market. x/zgo/t>-x ?9) This bulletin is published by the Commission of the Europeon Communities Direciorqie Generol of lnformotion Division for industriol informotion ond consumers Rue de lo Loi 200 B-1049 - Brussels - Tel. 7350040 Furiher informotion is ovoiloble from the'Commission's press ond informotion offices in the countries listed on the inside cover. collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box BELGIUM 1049 BRUSSELS Rue de Ia Loi 244 Tel. 735 00 40 DENMARK 1457 COPENHAGEN 4 Gammeltorv Tel. 14 41 40 FRANCE The information published in this bulletin covers the European Communities' acti- vities in the fields of industrial development, protection of the environment and consumer welfare. It is therefore not limited to recording Commission decisions or opinions. PRESS AND INFORMATION OFFICES OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES GERMANY 53 BONN ZitelmannstraBe 22 Tel. 238041 1 BERLIN 31 Kurfurstendamm 102 Tel. 886 40 28 GREAT BRITAIN LONDON W8 4QQ 20, Kensington Palace Gardens Tel. 727 8090 ITALY 00187 ROME Via Pol i, 29 T e I. 68 97 22 a 26 LUXEMBOURG LUXEMBOURG Centre europeen du Kirchberg

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