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Visual description of ODP Hole 178-1100B

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.128749
  • 178-1100B
  • Drake Passage
  • Drilling
  • Joides Resolution
  • Leg178
  • Ocean Drilling Program
  • Odp


LEG 178 CORE DESCRIPTIONS, SITE 1100 C ORE D ESCRIPTIONS V ISUAL C ORE D ESCRIPTIONS , S ITE 1100 1 Core Image 1100B-1R-1 message openfile IMAGES/1100B1R.PDF 1100A-1R THROUGH 1100A-3R NO RECOVERY 100 150 CORE/SECTION 0 50 G ra ph ic R ep re se nt at io n Pi ec e nu m be r M ea su re m en t I D St ru ct ur e Li th ol og ic un it Sh ip bo ar d st ud ie s O rie nt at io n 178-1100B-1R-1 VISUAL CORE DESCRIPTION IGNEOUS/METAMORPHIC ROCKS 1. mafic plutonic 2 and 3. tuff 1 2 3 Note: Piece numbers are not curated piece numbers. We used them solely for description purposes. 4 5 4. granodiorite 5. mafic plutonic 6 6. volcaniclastic All pieces abraded by drilling. C ORE D ESCRIPTIONS V ISUAL C ORE D ESCRIPTIONS , S ITE 1100 2 Core Image 1100C-1R message openfile IMAGES/1100C1R.PDF Site 1100 Hole C Core 1R Cored 0.0-5.0 mbsf 1 2 3 4 M ET ER S 1 2 3 SE C TI O N G RA PH IC LI TH . BI O TU RB . STRUCTURE D IS TU RB . SS SS SA M PL E DIAMICT Section 1, 0-40 cm: Massive diamict, dark greenish gray (5GY 4/1) with two olive layers (5Y 4/2) at 20-24 and 36-40 cm. The olive layers are diatom-bearing silty mud with gravel. They represent more of an open marine diatom fauna. This core was collected as a gravity core and the upper 40 cm may represent reworked material from the seafloor. Section 1, 40 cm to Core Catcher: Massive clast-rich diamict, dark greenish gray (5Gy 4/1). The silty mud in the diamict is soft and sticky throughout the core. Large pebbles appear as shown. In Section 2, 0-5 cm, volcaniclastic pebble 5 cm in diameter, Section 3, 60-65 cm, subrounded volcaniclastic pebble 4 cm in diameter, in Core Catcher, volcaniclastic, 3.5 cm in diameter. DESCRIPTION

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