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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Fritz C. Redlich, Foundations' Fund for Research in Psychiatry

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p .\AL’ Md+ Kl? _ 4 z <I> Roc&dkr- m THE ROCKEFELLER UN JVERSITY - Uninxity 2 1230 YORK AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10021 *#I+ '90' 5x+ ->>p IOSHUA LEDERBERC February 26, 1979 PRESIDENT Dr. Fredrick C. Redlich Associate Chief of Staff for Education Brentwood VA Hospital Wilshire & Sawtelle Boulevards Los Angeles, California 90073 Dear Fritz: In my review of the research programs here at the Rockefeller University, it soon became clear that we were not doing all that we might, and should, in basic and clinical research connected with psychiatric disease. Since we already have very substantial strength in place, in many of the related behavioral and neurobiological disciplines, I determined to give further development here the highest priority. I have had a number of conversations with Bob Michels, just across the street at Payne Whitney, and we are reaching a common purpose in this direction: it is plain that the institutions have important complementary resources. This is to ask you two things: (1) whether you have your own advice about manifest, or high potential, leadership in biologically oriented psychiatric research; and (2) whether the Foundations Fund for Research in Psychiatry could be of any help (at any level whatsoever) in helping us get started with such a program. Our aspirations are unlimited; but in order to achieve any part of them we will need all the insight and support that we can garner. Marguerite and I certainly do miss you and Herta and hope that if there is any occasion for you to be visiting New York you will let us avail ourselves of the opportunity of seeing you. Your $1 ! sincerely,

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