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A STUDY ON THE CHARACTER OF 'JULIET' ( 1 ) Lisako Nakayama TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Chapter I Outward Conflict ( 1 )A Trap of Destiny ( 2 )Outward Conflict Chapter II Decision and Concealment ( 1 )Juliet's Decision Through Inward Struggle ( 2 )Juliet's Concealment Chapter M Juliet's Love and Death Brought by Happy Dagger ( 1 )Death for Juliet ( 2 )Consummation of Love Chapter IV Conclusion Notes Bibliography 249 Introduction In the late sixteenth century, a great writer, William Shakespeare (1564-1616)authored a tragedy of two young lover's evanescent love, titled Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet has been played on the stage, and cinematized many times. As you may have seen or heard, one of the movies called "Romeo and Juliet"(1968), co-starring with Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussay is well-known. Even those who never had a chance to hear Romeo and Juliet must have heard the name ' Juliet 'at least. Juliet must be the most impressive heroine of all the heroines in Shakespeare's works. However, it is also true that many plays or any other critics have said that Romeo and Juliet is not a completed tragedy compared with the following four great tragedies such as Hamlet(1600-1601), Othello (1604-1605), King Lear(1605-1606), and Macbeth (1605-1606). We can understand their opinions if we take it into consideration that Shakespeare had as yet few experiences insighting human nature when he created this play. It might be safe to say that he was still in his period of growth and this work was just on the way leading to the late four great tragedies. Then we can also say that the four great tragedies must have had different development because we wouldn't have paid so much attention to them as we do now, if Shakespeare had not written Romeo and Juliet. Before Shakespeare wrote this play, he had already written those

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