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The disposition of the public domain in Oregon : memorandum of the Chairman to the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, United States Senate, transmitting a dissertation ...

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:IM4EMTS 86th Congress 2d Session COMMITT:EE PRINT THE DISPOSITION OF THEtLIC DOMAIN IN OREGON NOVEMBER 1960 MEMORANDUM OF THE CHAIRMAN TO THE /1 LCOMMITTEE ON INTJOR AND INSULAR AFFAIRS UNITED STATE/ TEANSMITTI*-X DISSERTATION SUBMITTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AND THE COMMITTEE ON GRADUATE STUDY OF STANFORD UNIVERSITY Printed for the use of the Committee on Interior ad Insular Affairs 56227 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE WASHINGTON: 1960 COMMWI'JiiE ON INTERIOR AND INSULAR AITAIRS JAMES B MURRAY Montana Chazrmaa CLINTON P. ANDERSON, New Mexióo HENRY M. JACKSON, Washington 10SEP11 C. O'MAHONEY, Wyoming ALAN BIBLE, Nevada JOHN A. CARROLL, Colorado FRANK CHURCH, Idaho ERNEST GRUENING, Alaska FRANK E. MOSS, Utah OREN E. LONG, Hawaii HALL S. LUSK, Oregon QUENTIN BURDICK, North Dakota HENRY DWORSHAK, Idaho THOMAS H KUCHEL, California. BARRY GOLDWATER, Arizona GORDON ALLOTT, Colorado THOS. E. MARTIN, Iowa HIRAM L. FONG, Hawaii RICHARD L. CALLAGRAN, Staff Director STEWART FRENCH, Chief Ceunsel NELL D. MCSHERRY, Clerk H MEMORANDUM OF TRANSMITTAL U.S. SENATE, COMMITTEE ON INTERIOR AND INSULAR AFFAIRS, May 10,1960. To the Members of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs: I submit herewith a committee document entitled "The Disposition of the Public Domain in Oregon." Prior to his death, our former colleague, Senator Richard L. Neuberger, called to my attention a dissertation written as a doctoral thesis by Jerry A. O'Callaghan, legislative assistant to Senator Joseph C. O'Ma.honey. The above- mentioned document incorporates that dissertation as it has been brought up to date by Mr. O'Callaghan. I believe you will find it a most valuable study of the history of Federal lands in the State of Oregon and a most useful frame of reference in your consideration of land problems existing on the public domain in all States. JAMES E. MURRAY, Chairman. In LETTER OF SUBMITTAL U.S. SENATE, CoimnrTEE ON INTERIOR AND INSULAR AFFAIRS, Decem

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