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Interphase cytogenetics of precancerous and neoplastic human testicular germ cells

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Interphase cytogenetics of precancerous and neoplastic human testicular germ cells. ADVANCES IN ANALYTICAL CELLULAR PATHOLOGY Proceedings of the First Conference of the European Society for Analytical Cellular Pathology, Schloss Elmau, F.R.G., 12-17 November 1989 Editors Georg Burger Gesellschaft für Strahlen- und Umweltforschung mbH Institut für Strahlenschutz Neuherberg, F.R.G. Martin Oberholzer Institut für Pathologie der Universität Basel Basel, Switzerland G. Peter Vooijs University Hospital Sint Radboud Hospital Nijmegen, The Nether lands E X C E R P T A MEDICA, Amsterdam - New York Oxford vii C O N T E N T S S P E C I M E N P R E P A R A T I O N AND M E A S U R E M E N T S Sample preparation and methodology Fluorescence imaging of mitochondrial compartment in chondrocytes cultured on microporous membranes X. Ronot 3 Comparative flow cytometric (FCM) and static cytometric (SCM) estimation of the D N A content of reference cell populations according to the method of fixation F. Duigou, P. Herlin, J . L . Liu, E. Masson, A.M. Grivaut, D. Bloyet and ; A. M. Mandard 5 A Influence of smears preparation and fixatives on D N A ploidy and morphonuclear features of the M X T mouse mammary tumor and normal murine tissues Y. de Launoit, R. Kiss, S. Gras and Α. Danguy 1 Analysis o f DNA-texture in wet unfixed cell material applying UV-microscopy G. Sträßle and S. Witte 9 Methodological problems in the determination of the 2C-DNA reference in single cell digital videodensitometry. Application to paraffin-embedded specimens D. Kindermann, C. Schmitz, Μ. Bischoff and U. Pfeifer 11 Flowcytometric DNA-ploidy determination of soft tissue sarcoma. A comparison of three different sampling methods M. Fernö, Β. Baldetorp and Μ. Akerman 13 Reliability of different sampling methods used with selective graphic tablet morphometry J.C. Fieege, P.J. van Diest and J.P.A. Baak 15 Comparison between image cytometry ( ICM) and flow cyto

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