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Apparel Private Label Brands and Store Patronage

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Apparel sector in particular has a great opportunity with alignment of Indian economy to globalize markets. The foray of private labels in apparel retail is very pronounced making market to have the second highest percentage of organized retail. Apparel retailers have popularized their private labels which have attracted shoppers and thus have increased the loyalty to a store rather than any particular garment brand. Private label brands have become an important contributor to retail differentiation and basis for building store patronage. The decision to patronize a particular store usually starts with a set of characteristics or attributes that consumers consider important. Consumers then use these attributes to make decisions regarding what store or stores can cater to their particular needs. Past retail and marketing studies have identified several consumer-oriented store attributes such as price, quality, variety, discounts and store reputation but the relation with store patronage and loyalty and store image has not been studied. This paper tries to focus on how private label brands are inducing store patronage among the customers.

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