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Association of overweight with increased risk of coronary heart disease partly independent of blood pressure and cholesterol levels: a meta analysis of 21 cohort studies including more than 300,000 persons.

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ISSUE 16: Spring–Summer 2014 Experience More Clubs and Societies Getting SUssed Tips to get you started Managing your Money Living on a Budget Easy Feesy Fees and Finances Degree Plus Turbo-boost your CV Exclusive: Rising music star Triona talks to QU FREE download of Triona's single Better Me inside free EDITOR'S lETTER BY EMMA-lOUISE GIBSON Welcome to QU magazine Now your pesky UCAS form has been completed and university offers are on their way, all that's left to do is make Queen's your firm choice to ensure you have the ultimate student experience. At Queen's we pride ourselves on being part of the Russell Group (24 leading UK universities committed to the very best research, outstanding teaching and learning) and all Queen's students have guaranteed access to the highest standards of teaching as well as world-class facilities. Inside this edition of QU we'll give you the lowdown on the exceptional quality of life available to you at Queen's. From advice on accommodation, study and finances to getting the most from Belfast city life, we've crammed in the info so you don't have to go looking for it. Best of all, it's all written by and for students – so you can count on QU to give you the inside track. Speaking of… we were lucky enough to get a chat with rising Northern Ireland singer-songwriter Triona Carville about the music scene in Northern Ireland, her flourishing music career and why she loves Queen's. Enjoy reading the magazine and I wish you lots of luck with your exams! Emma-Louise Gibson, Editor DatEs FoR youR DiaRy May 2014: have your Firm and Insurance choices sorted May 2014: application process for student accommodation begins May/June 2014: exam time, (deep breaths, you can do it) July 2014: Open Days for Queen's student accommodation August 2014: exam results released and clearing begins September 2014: lucky ducks who get on to their dream Queen's degree re

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