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Nickel catalysts supported on ZrO2, Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2and CaO-stabilized ZrO2for the steam reforming of ethanol: Effect of the support and nickel load

Journal of Power Sources
Publication Date
DOI: 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2007.11.006
  • Nickel Catalyst
  • Zro2
  • Y2O3-Stabilized Zro2
  • Cao-Stabilized Zro2
  • Ethanol Steam Reforming


Abstract Catalysts with various nickel loads were prepared on supports of ZrO 2, ZrO 2–Y 2O 3 and ZrO 2–CaO, characterized by XRD and TPR and tested for activity in ethanol steam reforming. XRD of the supports identified the monoclinic crystalline phase in the ZrO 2 and cubic phases in the ZrO 2–Y 2O 3 and ZrO 2–CaO supports. In the catalysts, the nickel impregnated on the supports was identified as the NiO phase. In the TPR analysis, peaks were observed showing the NiO phase having different interactions with the supports. In the catalytic tests, practically all the catalysts achieved 100% ethanol conversion, H 2 yield was near 70% and the gaseous concentrations of the other co-products varied in accordance with the equilibrium among them, affected principally by the supports. It was observed that when the ZrO 2 was modified with Y 2O 3 and CaO, there were big changes in the CO and CO 2 concentrations, which were attributed to the rise in the number of oxygen vacancies, permitting high-oxygen mobility and affecting the gaseous equilibrium. The liquid products analysis showed a low selectivity to liquid co-products during the reforming reactions.

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