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Service Guaranteed Scheduling Model of the MPMS Packet Switching Fabric

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  • Mpms
  • Switching Fabric
  • Service Guaranteed
  • Scheduling Model
  • Design


In this paper, the service guaranteed scheduling model was proposed for the MPMS switching fabric. Firstly, the service distribution characteristic of each cell flow was analyzed in the MPMS switching fabric. Then, the service guaranteed distributed architecture was designed, and the scheduling model is proposed for demultiplexors, multiplexors, input switching units, middle switching units and output switching units in the MPMS fabric, respectively. Finally, we evaluated the proposed service guaranteed scheduling model (SGS-MPMS) under ON-OFF burst traffic. Simulation results show that SGS-MPMS can overcome the problem of delay divergence for traditional iSLIP, and PPS method, and provide delay guaranteed performance under ON-OFF burst traffic, and converge to the optimal delay curve with only four switching planes and four iterations.

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