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An Analysis between the Ground Surface Temperature and Land Use in Urban Area by Using Landsat-TM data

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An Analysis between the Ground Surface Temperature and Land Use in Urban Area by Using Landsat-TM Data Hiroshi ISHlMARU* and Takashi NISHIMURA** and Katsuhiko YAMAMOTO*** (Received September 30th, 2000) Synopsis The outline of the artificial satellite IANDSAT-TM data was described at first, and the relations between the ground surface temperature and land use were analyzed by using it. Available data were the morning (10 a.m.) and evening (9 p.m.) data in Osaka are in 6 days in total in the recent separated years from 1990 to 1998 due to the weather condition. 1. Introduction Nowadays, the urban environmental problems such as car exhaust gas pollution, water pollution, neighborhood noise and others have occurred in the urban wide area due to the concentration of the population and industry. Warming problem in the urban area is a considerably new and important problem as one of those environmental problems too. There is a phenomenon that tropical night days have been increasing in Osaka (Figure-I), and Osaka has come to be said as the city whose temperature is high very much in the Japanese cities from the records of the Meteorological Agency as well. As for this, this heat island phenomenon is considered to be caused by the urban development due to the change in the urban structure, increase in artificial waste heat, the progress of concretize of the ground surface and decrease of green open space so on 1). ·..······..·.....···...···..·..·.....1 ~ Tropical night: the night the minimum atmospheric temperature in the night exceed 25t 70 ~ ~ 60 ~ ~ 50 >. ~ 40 ..... ..c: .~ 30 c ~ 20u .~ 10 .= o 1934 1940 1946 1952 1958 1964 1970 1976 1982 1988 1994 200 A.D.(year) Figure-l Trend of the tropical nights in Osaka * ** *** Student, Master Course of Department of Civil Engineering Professor, Department of Civil Engineering Staff, Environmental Pollution Control Center ,Osaka Prefecture -57- 2. An outline of LANDSAT·TM Data IANDSAT-TM data can be taken wide

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