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Memorandum from Roland L. Peterson to United States. Bureau of Health Resources Development

Publication Date
  • November 1970 - November 1974
  • Health Resources Planning
  • Staff Meeting
  • Executive Staff
  • Philosophy


1.0 — MENIORANDUM DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND \VELFARE —\ @ Public Health Service c . TO : Mr. EugeneRubel DATE: July 26, lg74 Director,ComprehensiveHealthPlanning ‘)/1[ 51:Q(J FROM : RegionalHealthAdministrator PublicHealthService,RegionI SUBJECT: Commentson ProposedTasksfor ImplementingHRP Legislation . Membersof the RegionalOfficestaffhave reviewedthework plan materialdistributedat the recentCHP Meetingin Rockville. We have identifieda numberof concernsthatare implicitin the subjectdocuments,which,in my opinion,requireintensive explorationand discussionat the RegionalHealthAdministrator level. Theseconcernsfall into the followingcategories: 1. The lackof realRegionalOfficeparticipationin most of the key activitiesindicatesan apparentchangeof philosophyin relationto thewhole~W conceptof decentralization. 2. The Work Plan doesnot appearto take into consideration the potentialimpacton MBO activitiesalreadydevelopedby the Wgional Officesand themajor adjustmentsthatwill be re- quiredto facilitateany RegionalOfficerole in the proposed Work Plan. In addition,the Work Plan activitiesare not necessarilyconsistentwith prioritiesthathavebeen developedunderMBO for each RegionalOffice. . 3. The issueof “delegationof authority”and its relation- ship to decentralizationshouldbe e~lored in greatdetail as it has in my opiniona strongbearingon the different rolesto be assumedby CentralOfficeand RegionalOffice staff. The followingreferencesare offeredas commentson specificitemsin the Work Plan document: ADMINISTRATIVEMATTERS Task 1 -- Our concernin regardto budgetdevelopment,staffrequirements> etc.was Division Service, .- \. eqressed in a memorandumfromDr. WilliamJ. Beck,Director, of ResourceDevelopment,to }Ir.Kelly,ComprehensiveHealthPlanning Rockville,Maryland,datedJuly 23, 1974. —. ..———.—— . . Page 2 - Mr. Rubel . Task 2 - Thosesubsectionsof this task that identifyjointCO/RO effortsneed considerableinterpretationand clarification.I am particularly

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