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사회학적 견지에서 본 디자인 변화요인과 그의 미래 방향에 관한 연구

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  • 행위ㆍ방법ㆍ목적ㆍ수단
  • 인간ㆍ사회ㆍ자연
  • 변화
  • 진화론ㆍ순환론
  • 균형론ㆍ갈등론
  • 기술결정론
  • 문화결정론
  • 하위체계
  • 메카니즘
  • 가치
  • 제도와 구조
  • 기술ㆍ경제
  • 도구물
  • 정신적
  • 공생적
  • 자연적
  • 전체론적 조화
  • 확장성
  • 가상성
  • 상호연계성
  • 복합성
  • 초(超)성
  • 생명성
  • 미래
  • 가상ㆍ탈형
  • 의미ㆍ창조
  • 소통ㆍ연계
  • 공익ㆍ배려
  • 다양ㆍ융합
  • 편의ㆍ단순
  • 생명ㆍ자연
  • 내재적 갈등
  • 모더니티
  • 포스트모더니즘
  • 이원성
  • Design
  • Economics
  • Social Sciences


This study was carried out to forecast the future paradigm of design in the perspective of change of social environment within which design evolves through the process of birth, growth, development, and decline rather than changes within design itself. In general, before humanbeing takes an action, he sets the aim with mental and conceptual value decided internally and externally he considers various tools and means in his circumstance. Then he decides his action based on the most resonable and economic way. This is the mechanism by which all the living subjects including humanbeing survives and evolves within the given environment. In this respect, the future of design can be also explored and speculated in terms of chnage of humanbeing's mental value and the technology in future (This view is same with what socio-culturalists see both cultural and technological determinism as major factor for social change). Based on above view, the present study extracted major keywords for the possible change of future design based on keywords on the present mental value and norm, and the materialistic technology and economy.

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