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Obscenity affidavit to be refiled; Safety office releases new traffic pamphlet; Beef shortage effects vary in local restaurants; Sendak backs new marijuana rule; Enrollment drop affects hiring; Commission turns down Purdue; Saw man with pistol : Newsman adds to Kent State; 'Hard nose' breaks pattern; Writers' over-infatuations, puns mar satire of 'Watergate Comedy Hour'; Horn of plenty Jim's gift to music; Community needs smut referendum; A classic case of confusion; What is obscenity? Definition lacking; Pornography : Unequal protection of the law; Court pornography ruling causes upset; Shula : We actually think we can improve; Linksmen take honors in recent tournaments; Own racer totaled : Stott to pilot Johncock car; Ball State signs quartet of diamondsmen prospects; Nixon security cost millions; Gray insists he alerted Nixon; Kidnappings victimize 21 American citizens; Plan 'buyless' day : Housewives hoard beef

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