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The making of citizen science

DTU Management
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  • Network Alliances Between Science Shops And Csos Engaging In Science And Air Pollution
  • This Dissertation Is The Result Of A Phd Project Entitled The Making Of Citizen Science – Network Al
  • The Phd Project Was Carried Out At Department Of Management Engineering
  • Section For Innovation And Sustainability
  • At The Technical University Of Denmark
  • The Project’S Aim Is To Understand How Civil Society Organizations (Csos)
  • Through Alliance Building And Network Constructions With Science Shops And Similar Community-Based R
  • Engage With Scientists In Order To Impact Air Pollution Problems
  • The Phd Project’S Agenda Is Inspired By The Institutionalization Of More Democratic And Participator
  • Which Is Reflected In Several Eu-Funded Research Projects
  • Including One Of The Sponsors Of This Project
  • The Eu-Funded Accent Network Of Excellence
  • The Accent Network Wished To Meet The Eu Requirement Of Communication With The General Public By Inv
  • The Analytical Approach Of This Phd Project Is Inspired By Science And Technology Studies (Sts) In G
  • More Specifically By Irwin &Amp
  • Michael’S (2003) Concept Of Ethno-Epistemic Assemblages
  • And By The Actor-Network Theory And Callon’S (1986A) Sociology Of Translations
  • A Version Of These Approaches Is Used To Study Nine Cases Of Network Alliances Between Science Shops
  • The Application Of Callon’S Sociology Of Translation To The Case Studies Contributes To Understandin
  • As Well As The Mechanisms Contributing To The Networks’ Success In Affecting The Problems Experience
  • It Is Concluded That Network Alliances Between Csos
  • Science Shops And Scientists Can Cause Two Types Of Effects: Effects On The Csos’ Original Problems
  • And/Or Other Forms Of Effects
  • It Is Interesting To Note That These Other Forms Of Effects Can Result In Both Cases That Affected T
  • It Can Be Concluded That Csos Can Influence Such Actors As Industry And Local Authorities And Their
  • It Is Further Concluded That The Science Shops’ Role Can Have Decisive Impact On Whether Networks Su
  • When The Science Shops Apply An Impact-Seeking Approach
  • The Networks Are More Likely To Succeed In Affecting The Csos’ Original Problems Than When The Scien
  • It Is Also Concluded That Scientific Documentation In Itself Is Not Sufficient To Solve A Problem Bu
  • What Is Important Is That The Scientists In The Science Shop
  • Or At A University Department Co-Operating With A Science Shop
  • Are Willing To Assume Other Roles Than Just Being Producers Of Knowledge Without Any Obligation To B
  • And Without Being Willing To Discuss The Premises For The Produced Knowledge
  • The Case Studies Indicate That In Order To Understand The Effects Of Networks Like These
  • We Need To Broaden Ant’S Analytical Term ‘Stabilization’
  • It Should Be Understood As Something That Strengthens Rather Than Merely Something That Is Taken-For
  • It Is Also Argued That The Project’S Callon-Inspired Analysis Of Network Alliances Can Be Seen As An
  • Namely Irwin &Amp
  • Michael’S (2003) Concept Of Ethno-Epistemic Assemblages (Eeas)
  • The Project Elaborates The Eea Concept Through A More Detailed Empirical Understanding Of 1) How Kno
  • 2) How This Blurring Of Knowledge May Take Place
  • And 3) How Csos And Scientists
  • Through This Mixture Of Knowledge
  • Try To Cause Effects Like Political Influence And/Or New Research Interests
  • Finally
  • It Is Concluded That Despite The Gloomy Prospects For The ‘Old’ Science Shops
  • There May Be Openings In Relation To Establishing New Science Shops In Other Countries
  • Such Possibilities Can Be Seen In Both The Recently Finished Eu-Financed Trams Project (Training And


The making of citizen science - DTU Orbit (20/03/14) Brodersen S, Jørgensen MS. The making of citizen science: network alliances between Science Shops and CSOs engaging in science and air pollution. Kgs. Lyngby: DTU Management, 2010. 267 p. (PhD thesis; No. 14.2010).

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