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Any organization is confronted with a multitude of problems in a dynamic and complex environment. These problems can be independent, but, many times, they are interconnected. In this myriad of situations, it is difficult to identify the causality relations between problems, which, logically, should also determine the solving order. An organization is faced with a cash crisis, a substantial loss of clients, production equipment wear, poorly qualified personnel, and unsuitable products from a quality- related perspective. And in this context, what is the original problem, primary, and through its solving, the solution to the other problems could be found? Is this the loss of clients, or cash crisis? Are we facing a cash crisis because the products are of poor quality and don’t sell, or is it because we are facing a cash crisis we are unable to invest in research- development, in order to increase product quality? We will try to find an answer to such dilemmas in this material. The problem is not a new one in the specialized literature. In the first part of the article we will present a couple of previous solutions this problem has been given, and during the second part we will propose a model derived from those known in the specialized literature.

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