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Soft-Handoff in WLAN Realized by Dual Link

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  • Soft Handoff
  • Seamless Handoff
  • Wlan
  • Mobile Communication
  • Roaming
  • Channel


WLAN has been widely deployed in many aspects such as city hotspots and video surveillance system. When the mobile station roams in WLAN, it will switch among different access points (AP). This handoff is hard-handoff which is “break-before-make”. Therefore the latency may result in serious problems in some real-time applications because of losing important data. This paper proposes an efficient dual-soft-handoff (DSH) scheme in WLAN based on the analysis of wireless signal channel allocation. In DSH, STA maintains two active data links to forward AP and backward AP respectively, and they don’t switch at one time. It achieves continuous data transmission during fast motion. Simulation analysis and test results indicate that it can provide seamless handoff and efficient data transfer in WLAN.

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