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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Charles A. Evans

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December 14, 19% Dr. Charles A. Evans Department of Hlcrobiology Unfversity of Washington Seattle 5, Washington Dear Chuck: To your notes of December 8th. I don’t envy you the job of finding a new editor. Perry Wilson would certainly be very conscientious in the job and I suspect might be interested to take It although you might have to twist his arm. My on1 y concorn Is that Perry perhaps tends to be too fussy about details of English. I don’t object to setting good examples but I also feel this should not intrude too far on the business of getting out a journal. On the whole, I feel the Editor should keep In mind that an author is entitled to make a reasonable number of mistakes for which he himself is responslbie. I’m afrald i do not have any better suggestions for you but If I think of any I will let you know. As for new members of the Editorfal Board, I would like Immediately to ask you to delete my name from the list. This Is a strictly selfish request. i don’t know If you would consider It wise policy to reappoint any number of members. I would think that if you possibly could you should try to keep Koprowski and Stanier on the Board. For more strength In the areas that Roger mntioned, I think that Gunther Stent, Ed Adelberg, and Char1 ie Yanofsky would al 1 be excel lent choices. Have you thought of asking Luria whether he would take on the Ed1 torship? If he did It I think it would be almost too good to be true. Yours cordially, Joshua Lederberg Professor of Genetics

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