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Effect of Remedial Reading Instruction on Word Recognition Problem for Inclusive Education in Nigeria

The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)


This study investigated the effect of remedial reading instruction on word recognition for inclusive education in Nigeria. Two research questions were posed and two hypotheses formulated for the study. A quasi-experimental design was used. A sample size of 20 primary school pupils selected out of a population of children with reading disability in Nsukka local government area were assigned to treatment and control groups. All the pupils recommended and identified by grade three teachers and continuous assessment record in reading respectively were pre-tested using adapted diagnostic checklist for oral reading and the grade reader. At the end of the treatment session, the participants were post-tested with the same instrument. The data were collated and analyzed using mean and standard deviations to answer the questions. While t-test statistics was employed to test the null hypotheses. The result of the study among other things revealed that there was mean difference in remedial instruction on word recognition, though they were insignificant. Keywords: Remedial, automation, content, processes, diagonistic

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