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Tropical tuna fishing with purse seine and log

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Tropical tuna fishing with purse seine and log Fishingfor tuna underJouling logs i s apop~ilur- ìi-hcl. When ìhere is a Zack of natural floating logs, fishermen seed art$cial logs. he association of fish with living and non-living things drifting or swimming in the sea is a well known phenomena. Tunas especially the three main tropical tuna species (yellowfin, . skipjack and bigeye) are directly associated' to th i s behaviour pattern. For these species, fork length between 35-40 cm (juveniles of all species) and 150-180 cm (yellowfin and bigeye adults) are of concern. As tunas smaller than 30 cm are rarely caught, it is not known if the associations do exist for fishes of this size. The association of tuna with dolphin is best known and well documented. I t is apparently restricted mainly to the Eastern Pacific ocean and concerns especially the large yellowfin tuna. Tunas gather often around whales and whale-sharks. This INEOFISH International Dr Jean-Pierre Hallier association occurrs worldwide, more or less according to regions. Another worldwide association is between t u n a and drifting or floating objects. Most of the drifting objects are logs of natural origin. Therefore a log school is often used a s a general indicator for tuna schools. However, these objects vary from natural to man-made objects such as plastic refusal, wooden planks, fishing nets, and even buoyant carcasses of whales and other large dead animals. Schools not associated to logs or large animals a re often called free- swimming schools or in short, free schools. Following the same idea, denominations such a s whale schools, dolphin schools are also commonly used. Even vessels, when drifting at . sea can gather tuna, very similar to the gathering of tunas under logs. Long ago, fishermen have used the fish behaviour pattern to their benefit and since industrial pole- and-line and purse seine fisheries started, fishing

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