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Parallel Active Power Filter with Predictive Structure for Reference Current Determination – Experimental System

KoREMA - Croatian Society for Communications, Computing, Electronics, Measurement and Control
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  • Aktivni Energetski Filtar
  • Dsp
  • Harmonici
  • Histerezni Regulator
  • Igbt
  • Prediktivni Filtar
  • Active Power Filter
  • Dsp
  • Harmonic
  • Hysteresis Controller
  • Igbt
  • Predictive Filter
  • Computer Science


For the purpose of simulation results testing, a laboratory prototype of three-phase active power filter with predictive structure for reference current determination has been developed. A functional description of the laboratory prototype is presented. Power stage of the proposed active filter has been realized using three serial inductance, three-phase IGBT based current control voltage inverter with two symmetrical capacitors on dc bus. Three independent hysteresis controllers on the base of reference currents were used to generate switching signals for inverter transistors. The algorithm for current reference determination as a combination of digital predictive filter and low pass filter was developed and implemented on DSP controller. The experimental results of three-phase active power filter for stationary and dynamic regimes are presented. Experimental results show that the active power filter gives satisfactory performance in power system harmonic attenuation.

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