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Language Art of have immeasurable unique so that bear Language code manner and art code as author individuality in pouring its idea in the form of belleslettres. Used by language is belleslettres have esthetics making reader feel the beauty. By feeling the beauty of, message of between the line will be submitted/sent pursuant to nature of belleslettres that is giving manual live to reader Language in art of have communicative function and esthetics. Used language become author style to lay open story ideas, so that there are specification at author language facet and make as utile at dulce that is belleslettres able to enjoy and can be taken by its benefit. language code represent usage of marking manifestly at one certain language community compared to convention which sustaining which tend to emphasize productivity, historical change and also instability of meanings than maintaining ideological meaning tending to establish. Code art sedan is the overall of which till, what closed which its boundary ( early and suffix) given with circularity of meaning. Text it self represent view a world of coherent. In submitting word, sentence, and strength of art presented by Mottinggo Busye at novel Long Mother is Longing me so draw and differ from former novels of Mottinggo Busye expressing side of sex and of erotic in story content. As a whole this research can be expected can give contribution at critical structure study at language code study and art code in belleslettres. This research use approach qualitative. used Descriptive method for the nymph of, description problem by fact and research. Pursuant to result of research, can be concluded that subject research of language code cover; ( a) 1) diction ( word choice 2) connotation 3) belleslettres, ( b) Metaphor, ( c) cultural word, representing scope which studied in this research. Author oftentimes use meaning of non cognate and symbolic as according to nature of belleslettres as fiction prose. Art code cover; ( a) Plot, ( b) character, ( c) Theme, ( d) Background / setting. With result get clarification about situation of figure emotionally physical and. As for commendation about feeling losing of at Novel Long Mother is Longing masterpiece me of Mottinggo Busye pregnant of message of moral or feel sympathy to problem of social, the infinite, state, individual problem and also social because lonely feeling emerge in life because feeling to fail what expecting of not form.

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