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Letter from W. H. Freeman, W. H. Freeman and Company to Joshua Lederberg

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W. H. FREEMAN AND COMPANY PUBLISHERS 660 MARKET STREET, SAN FRANCISCO 4. CALIFORNIA . TELEPHONE: YUKON G-61 16 February 20, 1957 Dr. Joshua Lederberg Department of Genetics The University of Wisconsin Madison 6, Wisconsin Dear Joshua: If you bring us that manuscript en route to Melbourne in June, we should be able to start work on it immediately. Try to allow as much as half a day while you are here to go over the manuscript with Stanley Schaefer (indeed, if you could send a copy by mail before-hand, probably Stanley could study it and talk with you more effectively while you are here). In general, I would be pleased to have you add to that basic portion of the manuscript that you estimate would make only about 125 pages of printed matter, for reasons you understand, My recommendation, on the basis of what you wrote on February 8, is that you make those additions which you think are truly pertinent and that would make this volume more usable to the people in the field (do not, of course, add marginal items just for the sake of building up the bulk of the book). If any of the papers is important and at the same time not readily available in most places, do include it --and do not exclude anything simply because it is written by one J.L! Most certainly I should think that a few pages on laboratory exercises would be a valuable adjunct. In short, we would prefer a book of 250 valuable pages to one of 125. (By the way, we would probably not print a mixture of typeset and photo-offset.) Bring us the manuscript as nearly ready for publica- tion as you can have it, and Stanley Schaefer expects no difficulty in having it out within five months. Have you resolved your trilemma yet? If the problem gets you down, just bear in mind that few people ever have their choice of three such places. As ever, Jiiq WHF:mc P.S. We'll have contracts drawn up at any time you want them. I have not done this as yet, thinking that you have my word t

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