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A Selfish Linear Precoding Strategy for Downlink Two-User MIMO Systems Using Limited Rate Feedback

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  • Mimo
  • Multiuser
  • Precoding
  • Limited Feedback
  • Computer Science


This letter proposes a limited feedback-based selfish linear precoding (SLP) strategy for downlink two-user MIMO systems. In the proposed strategy, each user selfishly chooses the other user’s precoding matrix which minimizes its capacity loss. The proposed SLP strategy has two advantages comparing with traditional linear precoding strategies. First, SLP improves the system capacity by resisting interference more effectively. Second, the computing complexity of transmitter is reduced since the base station needs not to calculate precoding matrix. Simulation results verify the effectiveness of SLP on system capacity improvement comparing to limited feedback block diagonalization (LFBD) algorithm, especially when feedback bits are insufficient.

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