Road Traffic Accident: An Emerging Epidemic

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Road Traffic Accident: An Emerging Epidemic

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inner pages.pmd 8 18 18 18 18 1Health Prospect 2011, Vol. 10 An accident has been defined as an unexpected unplanned occurrence which may involve injury. Accidents represent a major epidemic of non-communicable disease in the present century. Since the advent of vehicles, the number of road traffic accident has risen proportionate to the number of vehicles manufactured .The term killed (in an RTA) is defined as any person who was killed outright or who died within 30 days as a result of accident (WHO 1984). Road traffic injuries kill about 3000 people and 30000 are injured and disabled for life every day. Developing countries account for 90% of global road traffic deaths. In Nepal, as per estimates of morbidity and mortality for injury contributed 9% to total mortality. In a country like ours, with poor roads, ill-managed vehicles, improper rash driving, highway being the sites for play of children and inadequate teaching of traffic rules to drivers as well as its inadequate incorporation in school curriculum leads to increased involvement of children in Road Traffic Accident (RTA) is one among the top five causes of morbidity and mortality in South-East Asian countries. In fact, road traffic injuries alone ranked as the number one cause of disease burden among children between 5 and 14 years, and as the number three cause among those in the age group 15 to 29 years with a male female ratio of 3:1. Most commonly affected road users are pedestrians, passengers and cyclists as opposed to drivers who are involved in most of the deaths and disabilities. Accident chart Viewpoint Road Traffic Accident: An Emerging Epidemic Naresh Kumar Yadav BPH 24th Batch Common factors associated in RTA are:- Sociodemographic factors and RTA Age, sex, family type, residence, education and socioeconomic break ups: most cases 38.33% were in the age group of 15–30 years. Most of the cases were from joint family i.e. 68.61%. Victims from rural areas 65.83% were more as compared to urban

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