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Book Review Modern Intellectual Property Law, by C Colston & K Middleton, 2nd ed

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Microsoft Word - js_review.doc Book Review Modern Intellectual Property Law, by C Colston & K Middleton, 2nd ed (London: Cavendish Publishing Limited, 2005) ISBN –10: 1-85941-816-3 (Pbk) ISBN – 13:978-1-859-41816-1 (£35.95) The second edition of the text provides a much needed updating of the important legal and technological developments in intellectual and industrial property since the publication of the first edition in 1999. The layout of the chapters in the book are not dissimilar to existing textbooks on this subject and the topics covered will fit readily into any structured module on Intellectual and Industrial Property. There are 19 Chapters in the book. Chapters 1 and 2 aim to introduce reader to the institutional and regulatory infrastructures governing the commercial exploitation of intellectual and industrial property. Patents, Copyright and Related Rights comprise the bulk of the subject matter covered in the book. 4 chapters are devoted to the coverage of patents (Chapters 3-6) and 6 chapters for copyright (Chapters 8-12) and design rights (Chapter 13). The protection of business marks comprises of both the common law tort of passing off (Chapter 14) and statutory trade mark law which includes a small section on domain names (Chapters 15-17) . Chapter 7 covers the law of confidentiality and Chapters 18 and 19 deal with the proprietary claims to image and enforcement regimes respectively. There is much to commend this book to undergraduates and postgraduates. The treatment of the topics and the overall coverage have been the product of extensive research. The authors seem to have given great deal of thought to the way a range of topics and issues are to be described and explained. The subject matter appears to be pitched at a level that should appeal to readers coming to the subject for the first time or seeking to obtain an overview of particular topics in intellectual and industrial property. I also thought that the authors were correct to inc

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