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Peierls-Yoccoz linear and angular momentum projected observables in the linear chiral sigma model

Physics Letters B
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DOI: 10.1016/0370-2693(92)91129-w
  • Physics


Abstract We investigate the contributions to the electromagnetic and axial properties of the nucleon caused by the spurious center-of-mass components present in the self-consistent mean field solutions of the linear chiral sigma model. To this end the Gell-Mann-Levi lagrangian is used and a Fock state as a product of a fermion Slater determinant and coherent states for the sigma and pion fields is constructed providing a quantum description of the meson fields. A combined Peierls-Yoccoz projection technique is used to project this state simultaneously onto isospin, angular momentum and zero linear momentum. The rest mass of the nucleon and the delta isobar are evaluated as well as the charge radii, magnetic moments and the axial vector coupling constant of the nucleon. With the exception of the rest mass, where a large correlation energy is observed, it turns out that the other static observables are only slightly affected by removing the spurious center-of-mass contributions. The effects of using the plane wave basis for the construction of the coherent meson states is investigated.

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