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Sri Rama and Goddess Sita was accompanied Admiral Dandaka jungle. In the journey in woods Sita Dewi seduced by the Golden Deer, where it is the incarnation Mahapatih Merica, the man of the Ravana. Goddess Sita was tempted of the Golden Deer beauty, told Rama to catch it. The Rama chasing the Golden Deer to get killed, Goddess Sita and ask Admiral heard as if from Sri Rama, but the voice is the trick of King Ravana who want to marry Sita Dewi. Goddess Sita was very angry with the Admiral and ordered quickly help Rama. But in the solitude of Goddess Sita, is a good opportunity to steal Sita for Ravana. Goddess Sita in the fly to Alengka. Sri Rama was very sad loss. Thanks to the help of Hanuman, Sri Rama longing to be remedied by sending Sita's ring to Sita. Sri Rama went to Alengka want to face Ravana, but the middle of the road was blocked by the Mega Nada Passover with his magic arrows, Paksi Jatayu quickly save Sri Rama. Sri Rama search for Sita went on again, with accompaniment by the Monkey King Sugriva, Ravana forces can be conquered by the forces of Sri Rama. Sita Rama was able to bond with

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