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1826 Street Directory for Pittsburgh, PA

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  • Pittsburgh
  • Pennsylvania
  • Engineering


pitts_26 Case_ID LOCATION NAMELST NAMEFST SEX OCCUP SIDE STREET BTW CORNER NOTE 1108 Pittsburgh Irwin John m carpenter Academy Alley Cherry Alley 460 Pittsburgh Christy Samuel m constable Academy Alley Cherry Alley 1148 Pittsburgh Johnston Samuel m shoeblack Academy Alley 1943 Pittsburgh Reddick Samuel m labourer Academy Alley 396 Pittsburgh Carrel Robert m ostler Adam's Alley 397 Pittsburgh Cochran Elizabeth f laundress Adam's Alley 587 Pittsburgh Donnelly Patrick m pedlar Adam's Alley 1403 Pittsburgh Magee Patrick m cooper Adam's Alley 1538 Pittsburgh M'Cullion Michael m labourer Adam's Alley 1402 Pittsburgh Mills David m fireman Adam's Alley 361 Pittsburgh Carson James m toll receiver Allegheny Bridge 486 Pittsburgh Cassilly Peter m merchant Allegheny Bridge at T. Cassilly 485 Pittsburgh Cassilly Thomas m innkeeper Allegheny Bridge 2234 Pittsburgh Taylor Thomas m paper maker Anchor mill yard 2235 Pittsburgh Taylor Thomas P m paper maker Anchor mill yard 2236 Pittsburgh Taylor William m paper maker Anchor mill yard 1061 Pittsburgh Hanson Jacob m auctioneer at Davis & Hanson's 690 Pittsburgh Evans Mathias m carpenter-dwe at G. Morgan's 730 Pittsburgh Fox Michael m brushmaker at George Beale's 283 Pittsburgh Bakewell Thomas m glass manufacturer at Glass House 955 Pittsburgh Holdship George W m clerk at Holdship's Bookstore 841 Pittsburgh Green John m printer at Johnston & Stocktons 1179 Pittsburgh Jones Ephraim m captain at Mrs Bracken's 1773 Pittsburgh Perry John R m chairmaker or painter at Parkinson's Ferry 1995 Pittsburgh Shiras George, jr m brewer at Point Brewery 877 Pittsburgh Griffen James m clerk at Recorder's office 952 Pittsburgh Henry David m ferryman at Speers' Ferry 1064 Pittsburgh Hall William m engineer-shop at Suke's Run 1178 Pittsburgh Jones Marshal m trader at Th. Jones' ferry 936 Pittsburgh Hart William H m toll receiver at the Monongahela Brdg 233 Pittsburgh Brady Elizabeth f shoebinder Bakewell's Alley 456 Pittsbu

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