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ECOTECNIA. WlND PARK AT TARIFA: ASSEMBLY, INST/ _ _ . OPERATION A U T O M A T E D M A N U F A C T U R I N G THE CIM CONCEPT IS A PHILOSOPHY RATHER THAN A SPECIFIC TYPE OF TECHNOLOGY. IT AIMS AT AN IDEAL FACTORY IN WHICH ALL THE PROCESSES, FROM DESIGN AND ENGINEERING TO MANUFACTURING, TRANSPORT AND CONTROL SYSTEMS, ARE COMPLETELY AUTOMATED. CIM CENTRE WORKSHOP he Centre for Computer Integra- ted Manufacturing is a flexible manufacturing laboratory set up by the Polytechnic University of Catalo- nia and the ICT (Catalan lnstitute of Technology). Set in the UPC's Southern Campus, it opened in June 1991 with the support of the Department of In- dustry of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Spanish Ministry of lndustry and Energy. Since then its work has been directed at providing information and training in the field of manufacturing technologies based on computer-assis- ted decision-taking and automated pro- cesses. With this in mind, the CIM Centre has concentrated on research into ad- vanced manufacturing processes and techniques in collaboration with the UPC departments; on services to local firms introducing and using techniques to im- prove productivity, and on training in new computer-assisted manufacturing technologies for students taking techni- cal courses at the UPC and the ICT's College of Technology and for postgra- duates and technical staff in industry. One of the main points in the collabora- tion between the CIM Centre and the industrial sector is the development of various projects centering on extending and demonstrating new computer-assis- ted manufacturing technologies, acting as a link between the University and local firms and facilitating Technology Transfer and the subsequent improve- STUDY BY FlNlSHED ELEMENTS OF A CLUTCH DlSK ment in industrial productivity. One im- portant aspect in this sense are the op- timization studies in the design of pro- ducts and processes and the industrial applications of i

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