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Schillebeeckx and Third Cinema: Causing the Signs of the Times to Speak

Catholic Theological Union through the Paul Bechtold Library
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NTR Contents Ministry with the Aging Introduction 3 vanThanh Nguyen Biblical Perspectives on Caring for the Aged and the Sick 5 Edward M. Andrews Finding Peace in Successful Aging 13 Lawrence M. LeNoir Graceful Aging: A Reflection 21 Edward McCormack Finding and Serving God after Retirement 30 Remembering Edward Schillebeeckx Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S. The Work and Legacy of Schillebeeckx 39 Antonio D. Sison, C.PP.S. Schillebeeckx and Third Cinema: Causing the Signs of the Times to Speak 44 Edmund Chia Schillebeeckx and Interreligious Dialogue: An Asian Perspective 49 volume 23 , number 4 • november 2010 2 c o n t e n t s Eugene Hemrick Toward a Radically Improved Friendship in the Priesthood 54 Anthony Gittens, C.S.Sp. Spirituality and Mission: Body, World and Experience of God 62 SignS of the timeS Dawn M. Nothwehr, O.S.F. Ecology, Poverty, and Dry Dirty Feet: What’s Oil Got To Do With It? 74 Keeping Current Gilberto Cavazos-González, O.F.M. True Joy Is Not Always Perfect 78 Word and WorShip Joseph F. Wimmer, O.S.A. New Mass Translation: Formal vs. Dynamic Equivalence 81 BooK revieWS Joseph A. Fitzmyer. The Interpretation of Scripture. In Defense of the Historical-Critical Method. Reviewed by James Chukwuma Okoye, C.S.Sp. 84 Jay Cormier. Table Talk: Beginning the Conversation on the Gospel of Luke (Year C). Reviewed by vanThanh Nguyen, S.V.D. 85 Mary Jo Iozzio, ed. Calling for Justice Throughout the World: Catholic Women Theologians on the HIV/AIDS Pandemic. Reviewed by Gemma Tulud Cruz. 86 Orlando O. Espín, ed. Building Bridges, Doing Justice: Constructing a Latino/a Ecumenical Theology. Reviewed by Edmund Kee-Fook Chia. 87 George W. Stroup. Calvin. Reviewed by Stephen Bevans, S.V.D. 88 Gregory Baum. The Theology of Tariq Ramadan: A Catholic Perspective. Reviewed by Michel Andraos. 89 Index to Volume 23 91 i n t r o d u c t i o n 3 Introduction The Pew Research Center issued a report, Growing Old in Ameri

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