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Zur Führungsrolle des Grauen Bundes und der Stadt Ilanz in der frühen Reformbewegung Graubündens

Publication Date
  • Ilanz
  • Graubünden
  • Grauer Bund
  • Reformation
  • Martin Seger
  • Johann Janigg
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology


Of the seven crucial reform decrees written between 1523 and 1526 in the three free states of Graubunden, five were issued in Ilanz, and two in Chur. Ilanz, the first and only Romansch speaking city on the Rhine was the center of the Grey League and fostered a close relationship to Zwingli’s Zurich as well as with southern Germany. A school of writing developed in this location, whilst the chancery of the Grey League maintained from here diplomatic correspondences throughout Europe. The scholarly clerics and politicians trained in humanism prepared the official decrees that led to the breakthrough of the Reformation.

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