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Nutritive value of popular wild edible mushrooms from northern Thailand

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The nutritive (and market) value of sporocarps of edible wild ectomycorrhizal fungi from northern Thailand was determined. Protein, fat, crude fibre and carbohydrate concentrations were 14.0–24.2, 2.7–9.5, 8.3–16.8, and 41.6–65.1% dry weight, respectively. Mineral contents were: macronutrients (mg/g dry wt.) P 2.1–8.1, K 12.8–45.2, S 1.1–6.1, Ca 0.1–2.4, Mg 0.5–1.6; micronutrients (mg/kg dry wt.) Fe 162–3254, Zn 37.8–253, Mn 13.0–329, Cu 11.6–81.1, B 1.6–7.1, and Se 0–12.6. The main sporocarp sugars were d-glucose, d-fructose, trehalose, d-mannose, d-arabinose, d-xylose, d-fucose, l-rhamnose, and d-galactose. The sugar alcohol components were mannitol, glycerol, myo-inositol, meso-erythritol, d-arabitol, dulcitol, xylitol, and d-sorbitol.

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