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Systém bezpečného ukládání radioaktivního odpadu

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  • Radioaktivita
  • Radioaktivní Odpad
  • Vyhořelé Jaderné Palivo
  • Hlubinné úložiště
  • úložiště Radioaktivních Odpadů
  • Radioactivity
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Spent Nuclear Fuel
  • Deep Geological Repository
  • Storage Of Radioactive Wastes
  • Education


We can hardly imagine today{\crq}s modern word of 21st century without usage of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation. We meet them in nuclear energetics, industry, health service and other different fields. Similarly to other human activities even here waste rises {--} radioactive waste which can be dangerous for a man and for the whole environment. Therefore it is very important to deal with it according to existing rules. Radioctive waste rises even in the Czech Republic and that is why an enhanced attention is very necessary here. Therefore I would like to break into these problems as much as I can and I would like to describe these problems in my bachelor work so that everybody is informed about basic information how to deal with radioactive waste in an understandable form. I think that everybody in this country, regardless to their education, should have a basic overview about problems of radioactive waste. I would be very pleased if this bachelor work could help people interested in these problems and if my work is used as an educational material. If readers find new interesting information, my work will be even more useful.

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